BLOW-UP was a cross-pathway UAL project in response to the mass reproduction and media seminar.
Just as Antonioni openly exposed the medium of film, never letting us forget that we are watching an artificial world, our project attempted to convey the same message.
With the help of reproductive methods, digital manipulation and video projection, we strived to create an illusion, simulation of the landscape within the four wall of an art studio. We used detail to create whole and photos of landscapes to create decorative detail – stuck together in the manner of the building block familiar to the players of video game Minecraft.
As a group, we identified that the common theme of our practices was reproduction of natural environment, virtual digital landscape generated by the apparatus. We were all interested in the high and low resolution of the perception, vision of reality, but also the underlying human element and the collective memory. We looked at “Blow-Up” as an example of dematerialisation, deterioration of image and at the work of Gary Hill (video installation – a composite made up from various body parts displayed on the CRT monitors).
Our starting point were the halftone dots as the DNA of every image. We brought in our previous work and selected work that we could recycle and remix, change its scale and context. We looked at the halftone pattern, as we are conditioned to recognise it as the magnification of some tiny detail of a larger image. Our instinct was to enclose the space with the wooden pallets and mark its dimensions with astroturf. Most of the work was carried collaboratively – we created collages, but also few focal points like the frames and the suspended grass, to accentuate the feeling of zooming in and out of the installation.
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