The second incarnation of the arcade cabinet was made specially for the Xhibit 2018 group show at Bermondsey Project Space.
Originally, I wanted to present a VR version of “Anamnesis” but as it overlapped with the degree show and due to the length of the show, I decided to create another build coded with a joystick input that could be housed in the arcade cabinet.
For this cabinet I used a lightweight 12mm MDF and illuminated 5V buttons. Also, to make it more suitable for a long show and prevent overheating, I fitted the arcade with a 9mm USB fan and a USB powered LED light strip. The arcade was propped atop a wooden stand with caster wheels and displayed in a darkened room illuminated only by its display, marquee light and buttons.
Experiencing “Anamnesis” as an arcade game inevitably referred to the themes of the machines as the contemporary carriers of cultural memory, somehow making both the oral and material history obsolete.
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