Rev. 3 of the arcade cabinet arrived as a plywood cabinet with illuminated buttons and a 22” widescreen monitor.
The choice of the finish wasn’t accidental – I wanted it to resonate the textures found across the fine art studios, so it signals its affiliation with the art world rather belonging in the amusement arcade. The widescreen version was needed to accommodate a new, higher resolution 3D version of the “Anamnesis Arcade” game. What differentiated it from the previous build was the spherical woodland world equipped with a faux gravity. A world that has undergone an extensive post-processing to replicate the look of a vintage film camera (lens dirt, aberration, bloom and vignetting).
The narrative was handled by the popup windows triggered by the colliders randomly spread across the wooded spherical world. The pop ups showed a collection of photographs referring to the former site of the POW camp Stalag IIIA and screenshots of the unsuccessful Google Maps searches around Luckenwalde. There’s very little left on the ground to verify the history.
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