After the first instantiation of “Anamnesis” as a complex 3D game, I thought it could be interesting to experiment with a simpler 2D world. A camera placed above the third person character in a tight crop perhaps replicated the character’s feeling of entrapment and desolation.
As for the environment, after some experimentation with various props, 3D models and billboard terrain assets, I settled on the almost barren landscape with oversized models of bacon slabs, few trees and abandoned buildings.
To present some form of narrative, I used UI canvas with random appearing fragments of text – most of which was copied from the website of the town of Luckenwalde. What I found interesting, was the omission of the extensive history of the town during the WW2 and decided to make it a theme of this piece.
I chose a custom built 18mm MDF arcade cabinet housing a NUC i3 microcomputer and a 19” monitor as the best way for the public to experience of the game.
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