“Anamnesis” is a piece of work dealing with the themes of cultural memory and relationship between the trauma and aura. A personal story that relates to the history of my grandfather’s survival during the WW2 and presented in the for of a 3D video game.
After being captured during the first couple of weeks of the 1939 September Campaign, my grandfather ended up in a German POW camp. He’s never elaborated on that story and all I had were some snippets related by my mum and an uncle. When browsing online records, I stumbled across my grandfather’s name in the prisoners of war register where he was listed as a Polish soldier born in Germany.
The game itself encompasses earlier video works and a game that I made previously on the same topic. These various pseudo-testimonies together with the occlusion used in the rendering of the camera view that obscures parts of the interior and the modelled artefacts with the images of a forest that once belonged to my great-grandparents, serve as a formal reminder that it’s not possible to establish the truth anymore.
Test of the lighting probes created in Unity 3D
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